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Concessions/Vendor Manager

Posted: 04/06/2024

We are looking for a Concession/Vendor Manager, Volunteer position to look after soliciting previous years vendors and new prospective vendors for the Northumberland Scottish Festival and Highland Games, being held at the Port Hope Agricultural Park, 3rd Saturday in June every year.  This position requires good computer skills to keep track of paperwork required from the vendors for the municipality and the health unit and to make sure the vendor fees are collected in time to prepare for the Games.  Good communication skills are required by computer and phone. Committee meetings are once per month for approximately 2 hours, approximately 5-10 hours per week would be required, depending on the time of year. Set up for the Games would be Thursday afternoon to set up the vendor sites, Friday to help vendors to their site and Saturday to help vendors to their site from 6 am to 8 am, then just checking with them the rest of the day to make sure everything is working ok.